Devin. 24. Female. Straight but LGBTQA Supporter. Fandoms: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Glee, Disney, Hunger Games, Sherlock, Avengers, Hobbit/LOTR, and a dash of Doctor Who. Other random things get mixed in because I like things that make me giggle or laugh hysterically. I'm also sarcastic, so there's that. I tend to post a lot of personal stuff, too, a.k.a. my face and ranty things, so beware of that. Feel free to follow me...just not in real life, because that'd be weird. :P

"Wit beyond measure
is man's greatest treasure"

Theme based on and images from by J.K. Rowling
Originally coded for Tumblr by Jennifer at Tholaire. Modifcations for each house by Rachel Dana